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Scale of Charges Landlords

Landlord Scale of Charges                                                                                                                    

1) Introduction Only Service

From £216 (£180 + VAT) payable for each letting where the tenant is introduced through the agent


2) Let Only Service

From £480 (£400 + VAT) payable for each letting, deducted by the Agent


3) Full Management Service

From £450 (£375 + VAT) payable for each letting plus 12% (inc VAT) of the rent received, deducted by the Agent

The fees under the above service are payable when any individual or organisation enters into an agreement to rent the Property as a result of our promotion, introduction, or viewing by the Agent.


Additional Charges                                                                                                                       

Addendum to tenancy - From £30 (inc VAT)


Duplicate Statements - £12 (£10 + VAT)


Additional Property Visits - £60 (£50 + VAT)


Check Out - £90 (£75 + VAT)


Void Property Inspections - £24 (£20 + VAT) (per visit)


Major Works Fee - 12% (10% + VAT)


Energy Performance Certificate - £72 (£60 + VAT)


Legionella Risk Assessment - £72 (£60 + VAT)


Minimum Fee


Where the Landlord cancels the Agent’s instruction to provide a management service the Agent will charge and the Landlord will pay a fee based upon 10% (inc VAT) of the agreed rent for the period not exceeding six months from the commencement date of the tenancy.


VAT is payable at the prevailing rate on all our fees. In accordance with consumer legislation it is quoted as included in the prices stated above.